Circularity and sustainability was the focus of ABF's stand at the Book Fair 2022

The concept of circularity was the theme when ABF created its stand for this year's book fair. Together we built and decorated a stand where everything from the frame system and equipment to the furniture and fittings were made from recycled materials. Even the art was created based on the principle of recycling.

Under Book fair 2022 on The Swedish Fair in Gothenburg we built together with ABF a stand focusing on circularity and sustainability. The brief was to create a stand that reflected their values while aiming to broaden the readership of the community. The message they wanted to convey was: "we need more people reading, not more books".

Mounts created from recycled materials

Together with ABF, we designed a stand and decorated it like a living room. We filled it with books, art and vintage furniture to create an inviting and homely atmosphere. The content was influenced by the concept of circularity, which meant that nothing in the stand was new. All the decor and furniture was made entirely of recycled materials. Even the screen on the wall was second-hand and came from Adapt's own rental shop. The books in the stand represented different vintages and the furniture was meant to represent changing styles through time. The artworks were created by artist Woo - Bock who makes collages, sculptures and floating mobiles out of paper. She shapes these by making use of the pages of old books. In the various creations, the texts and images take on a new context and meaning. The parts of the stand have also been turned into new projects after the end of the fair; both the furniture and the art are now on display elsewhere.

Circularity an opportunity

We at Adapt sees great opportunities for the entire expo and exhibition industry when it comes to producing sustainable stands based on a circular approach. With the beMatrix system, we can reuse every part of the frame that the stand is built from. We also run a rental business where our customers can rent equipment instead of buying and we always rent furniture and other fittings for the stand. Do you also want to build a stand with higher sustainability? Welcome to us!

Circularity and sustainability was the focus of ABF's stand at the Book Fair 2022