We are a full service production company specialized in events, shows, congresses and exhibitions.

Every day we create, design and deliver cutting edge technical solutions for high performance event- and expo projects, big or small. Always live. Our drive is to bring imagery, light and sound together into smart, well-designed and game changing experiences for our clients and their brands.

We reside in Sweden, yet we work with assignments seamlessly all over the world; in Asia, the US, in Europe and of course all over Scandinavia. We have grown to be a leading player in designing and delivering technical solutions. Today we can show for a super strong internationell portfolio of high performing projects; from meetings and events to expo-booths and fixed experience center installments.

Adapt’s story is about our passion for driving high performance experiences, creating outstanding audiovisual experiences together with our clients. It is a story about realizing dreams and about making a difference where it matters most.

We would love for you to be a part of that story, shaping the next great experience together with us. Please feel free to give us a call or to send a message – we are looking forward talking to you.

For questions and quotations, please contact:

CEO and Partner

Viking Grandin