Adapt's Terms and Conditions


1.1. Adapt AB rents, sells, installs and repairs equipment for sound, light, image, décor, fairs, furniture, etc. ("Event equipment") and provides staff for the transport, installation and operation of the Event Equipment. These Terms and Conditions (the "Terms") apply to the rental and, where applicable, installation of Event Equipment (the "Rental Object") from Adapt AB ("Adapt"). The terms form an integral part of the rental agreement (the "Rental Agreement") Adapt and the person or company (the "Renter") who rents the Event Equipment from Adapt.


2.1. Through the Rental Agreement, the Renter obtains access rights to the Rental Object in accordance with the period specified in the Rental Agreement and the Rental Object is and remains Adapt's property. The Lessee is well aware that the Renter may not act in violation of the Terms or in any way that compromises Adapt's ownership. Thus, to avoid any misunderstanding, the Rental Object may not be pledged, transferred, lent or sublet without Adapt's written consent.


3.1. If the Rental Property is to be collected by the Renter at theAdapt designated location, it is up to the Renter to be responsible for loading and unloading. If Adapt the rental property to the location designated by the Renter is responsible for Adapt loading and unloading and owns Adapt the right to charge transport costs in particular.

3.2. Adapt is responsible for ensuring that the Rental Object is in working order at the time of delivery.


4.1. When the Rental Property is returned/collected by Adapt it must be well cleaned and, with the exception of normal wear and tear, in the same condition as at the time of collection/delivery. The rental property must be packaged/packaged in the same way as at the time of delivery. Adapt is entitled, in the event of abnormal wear/tear/damage caused by the Renter, to request additional compensation from the Renter with amounts shown from time to time applicable price list.


5.1. Unless the rental period is stated in the Rental Agreement, the Rental Agreement runs until the date on which the Rental Object is returned or collected by Adapt ("Rental Period"). If the Renter fails to return or make available the Rental Object for Adapt's collection, this may give rise to liability for unlawful disposal under the Swedish Criminal Code and owns: Adapt the right to charge additional rent for the duration of the delay.


6.1. The renter undertakes to pay rent during the Rental Period in amounts stated in the Rental Agreement. Taxes and, where applicable, installation and transport costs are added to the Rental Agreement. Rent and, if applicable, additional costs are invoiced according to the Rental Agreement.

6.2. In the event of late or non-payment, interest on late payment is paid at 23 % per ant and owns: Adapt in the event of late or non-payment of prepayment, please include their performance under the Rental Agreement.

6.3. If the booking fee has been agreed, it shall be paid at 10 % of the agreed remuneration no later than 30 days after:Adapt issued order confirmation, agreed advance amount no later than 7 days before the start of the Rental Period and the amount of the postpayment no later than 10 days after the end of the Rental Period unless otherwise specified in the Rental Agreement.

6.4. Adapt at his choice has the right to request reasonable assurance from the Renter for the correct performance of the Rental Agreement.


7.1. If the Renter cancels the Rental Object in writing or by confirmed email later than 14 days before the agreed pick-up/delivery date Adapt the right to withhold/receive 100 % of the agreed total remuneration.

7.2. In the event that the booking fee is payable under the Rental Agreement, Adapt always be entitled to withhold/receive an agreed booking fee regardless of the time of cancellation.


8.1. Where the Rental Property is rented without Adapt if the rentalr provides the same, the Renter must examine the condition of the Rental Object at the beginning of the Rental Period and any errors must be made immediately. Adapt undertakes to rectify the faults complained of or replace faulty equipment as a timely response to justified complaints. The repair obligation applies provided that defective equipment is returned to the delivery point. Return of defective equipment shall take place within 3 days of receipt of replacement equipment from: Adapt. Delays in returning defective equipment will be charged according to the price list in force from each time.

8.2. The renter is not obliged to pay rent corresponding to the fault during the period during which the fault persists.

8.3. The renter is responsible for the rental property's care and maintenance during the Rental Period and for the costs of consumables. Only the original accessories provided may be used and it is the sole duty of the Renter to obtain information from the Adapt in these respects. Repair of the Rental Property may not take place without Adapt's consent. Fault or lack of the Rental Property due to the Renter does not exempt the Renter from paying the agreed rent. The renter shall immediately notify Adapt if the Rental Property or part thereof is lost or damaged.

8.4. Only qualified and qualified personnel of the Renter have the right to handle Rental Properties.


9.1. During the Rental Period, the Renter shall keep the Rental Object insured at full value against loss or damage due to theft, fire or damage. If the Rental Property is lost or damaged, the Renter must immediately notify theAdapt. In the event of an insurance claim, the Renter transfers the right to insurance compensation to Adapt and undertakes the parties jointly to inform the insurance company concerned thereof.

9.2. If Adapt's insurance covers any damage to the Rental Property, any excess shall be paid by the Renter.

9.3. Regardless of insurance owns Adapt the right to compensation of the Renter corresponding to the full value according to the current price list from time to time.


10.1. Adapt is responsible for errors or deficiencies in the Rental Object and for the direct damage that the Renter may suffer as a result. Adapt shall not be liable for loss of profit, consequential damages or other indirect damage. The amount of damages is limited to the total rent compensation Adapt received or shall receive under the Rental Agreement, unless Adapt may be found guilty of gross negligence. If Adapt due to inadequate installation work causing injury and/or property damage, Adapt's
liability limited to what Adapt have the right to get out of their own liability insurance.


11.1. Party has the right to terminate the Rental Agreement until immediate termination if the other party materially violates these Terms.

11.2. As a material breach of contract, it is considered that:
– The renter provided misleading information that affects the rental.
– The renter has not paid the agreed rent or overdue fees and costs when they are due for payment.
– The renter cancels the payments, goes into liquidation, applies for company reorganisation, is declared bankrupt or for other justified reasons can be considered to be insolvent. This also applies if the Renter incurs a legitimate payment note.
– Provisions under the Rental Agreement are significantly disregarded by the Renter.

11.3. If the Rental Agreement is terminated for the above reasons, the Renter shall bear all costs associated with return/readmission and pay overdue rents and the remaining rent until the end of the Rental Agreement.

11.4. If the Rental Agreement is terminated prematurely, the Renter's right to use the Rental Object ceases and the Renter is obliged to immediately return the Rental Object to Adapt or available for adapt's collection rental.


12.1. Adapt is exempt from penalty for failure to fulfil its obligations under the Rental Agreement if the omission is based on circumstances of the kind
listed below and the circumstance prevents, significantly impedes or delays the performance thereof. The measure or omission of the authority, new or amended legislation, conflict in the labour market, blockade, fire, flood or accident shall be considered to be a liberating circumstance.

12.2. For a period of time Adapt Force Majeure entitles the Renter to withhold a rental payment corresponding to the part of Adapt's commitment that cannot be executed. If a substantial part of Adapt's commitment is delayed due to Force Majeure by more than two weeks, both Parties have the right to terminate the Lease until immediate termination.


13.1. Complaints and other notices shall be made by courier or registered letter to the addresses specified or subsequently amended by the parties to the Rental Agreement.

13.2. The notification shall be deemed to have been received by the recipient:
– If submitted by courier: at the time of handover.
– If sent by registered letter: 5 days after delivery of the postal service.

13.3. A change of address shall be communicated to the Party in the manner provided for in this provision.


14.1. Dispute over the interpretation or application of the Rental Agreement and these terms and conditions shall, pursuant to Swedish law, be decided primarily by mediators pursuant to the Rules of Mediation of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce for mediation in business disputes. If a mediator thus appointed is unable to resolve the dispute within 3 months of the start of the mediation procedure, the dispute shall instead be settled by the arbitrator pursuant to the Rules of Arbitration of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce for so-called simplified arbitration. Disputes over overdue rental claims up to an amount of two basic amounts are not covered by the mediation/arbitration clause.

14.2. Both mediation and possible arbitration shall be
application of Swedish law takes place in Skövde.


15.1. Amendments to, and additions to, the Rental Agreement, or these Terms shall, in order to be effective, be written and signed by the competent representative of each Party.