We create and install easy-to-use technical solutions

With our image, sound and lighting technology, you can create experiences and communicate messages in event rooms, showrooms, studios and conference rooms.

Our customers often have the same needs; all equipment it should function as a whole, it should be easily steered without prior knowledge, and it must function long-term and hassle-free. We're experts in that.

We specialize in creating interactive installations where all equipment is connected and can easily be controlled from an app or tile. We take overall responsibility and actively drive the work with design, installation, service and support.

You are of course also welcome to buy only equipment from us. We help you choose the right one equipment to your project.

Car in store with LED screen, lighting technology and touch screen. Adapt was responsible for installing equipment.

When you know what you want to achieve – but not how to do it

Many customers come to us with a vision to be realized or a need that needs to be solved. You may want to build an impactful showroom or get a working sound and image solution in an auditorium.

However, it is not always obvious to know what features are needed or what needs are requested by the users. We'll help you sort that out.

We have extensive experience in installing equipment and create technical solutions for different types of installations. An important part of our work is to ensure the purpose and proper functions of those who will use the technology.

Sound, light and image technology can be controlled from mobile phone

Functions shall be capable of being controlled without prior knowledge

An installation of equipment; audio, lighting and imaging technologies are often technologically advanced. But that doesn't mean it has to be complicated to use.

Our solutions are based on anyone being able to control the functions of an installation without prior knowledge. At the touch of a button on a touchscreen, or your regular mobile phone, you can control an entire experience in a room.

Of course, you can also decide which users have permissions to different features.

Does an LED, projector or display fit best?

Is a large or small monitor needed? How bright can it be in the room? How close can guests sit to the image surface? And what resolution is required?

When deciding what kind of image space is needed, there can be many questions. We install LED screens, projectors with canvases and different kinds of displays. After hundreds of installed screens, we know what works best for different purposes.

Showroom and event venue with technical solutions

We run your project all the way from idea to support

In our projects, we take an active overall responsibility where we ensure that the work is constantly driven forward.

Together with you, we develop a concept and an idea that we then design and install. When the installation work is completed, we train those who will work with the technology on a daily basis.

After completion of the project, our customers can sign service agreements with us. Then we help with ongoing support, service and maintenance.

What our customers say

"Adapt has become our main supplier and standard when we need help with critical AV solutions in our projects"

– Patrick Mollbrink, Brand Experience Manager, SAAB

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