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With us you can rent a studio for your digital projects. We operate several streaming studios of different sizes and designs, centrally located in both Stockholm and Gothenburg. These come fully equipped with all the equipment you need to create a professional broadcast. There you can conduct all kinds of digital events such as live broadcasts, interactive meetings, conferences, recordings, hybrid meetings and hub meetings. 

Do you have questions, want to come and see, or make a reservation? Then you are very welcome to contact us. We are here to help you!

Digital general meetings

Streaming package

  • Professional studio: Our fully equipped studios in Stockholm and Gothenburg are staffed with experienced personnel to ensure a smooth shipment.
  • Flexible speaking opportunities: We offer the possibility for speakers to participate via link, making it possible for everyone to participate, regardless of their location.
  • Audience and stage capacity: With room for up to 30 people in the audience and 8 people on stage, our studios are ideal for different presentation formats.
  • Secure Voting System: Our voting system with secure identification, such as BankID, ensures the integrity and fairness of each vote.
  • Simple Invitation: We provide a secure URL for easy and secure invitation to your participants.
  • Studio in Stockholm or Gothenburg:
    • Studio rental and equipment for voting
    • Fee per participant

All prices excluding VAT

General meetings as hybrid events

Hybrid package

  • Exclusive Studio at Fotografiska: Studio Annie offers a unique experience with state-of-the-art equipment and professional staff.
  • Omni-Technical Capacity: With equipment to stream from our studios and the ability to connect people from outside, this package is perfect for a dynamic and interactive convention.
  • Large audience and stage: Seating up to 230 people in the audience and 10 on stage, Studio Annie is ideal for larger events.
  • Customized Experience: Every aspect of your voice can be tailored to suit your business needs and reinforce your brand.
  • Studio Annie at Fotografiska in Stockholm:
  • Studio rental and equipment for voting
  • Fee per participant

All prices excluding VAT

Additional services for digital general meetings

Adapt Studios offers a range of additional services to complement your digital AGM package, including press release distribution, participant management and dialog management.

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