Hybrid Studio F1 Fotografiska

The F1 hybrid studio in Stockholm is a collaboration between Fotografiska and Adapt. It is located in Fotografiska's 390 m2 room F1. It can be used as a large studio for digital broadcasts or as a hybrid studio with both digital and physical visitors. The space works for all kinds of projects; conferences, events and fairs.

The studio is effectively framed by a widescreen projection covering the three main walls. The WatchOut system projects images, presentations and films across the entire 55-metre-wide surface. The projection offers great possibilities to arrange and live broadcast an event in any environment. At the touch of a button, the walls of the room can be transformed into a Caribbean beach, French Alpine peaks with snowy slopes or your own office. Here you can watch an introductory film showing the different parts of the studio.

Here you can see an example of what the WatchOut projection looks like: Film 1 / Film 2.

Room F1 is located on the ground floor in the eastern part of Fotografiska. The room has two large doors that can be converted into panoramic windows overlooking the water and Stockholm's inlet. The width of the doors makes it possible to even drive a car into the space.

The hybrid studio is fully equipped with all the sound, lighting and visual technology needed to stage a professional event. The technology can be easily adapted and added to suit your project.

The hybrid studio can also be connected to Adapt's other studios and to other facilities, such as Filmstad's cinemas across the Nordic region or your own offices, making it the hub of a larger hub meeting.

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