We create concepts and technical solutions for events, meetings and conferences

Events form the backbone of our business and history. We are experts in developing creative concepts and creating technical, visual solutions to suit a specific project. With our broad offering, we help our customers all the way, from idea and concept work to production and implementation. We do this live and digitally and in hybrids of both, in Scandinavia and all over the world.

Our Swedish and international partners and clients

Our customers are most often a company as an organization or a communications agency. We help our Swedish customers with projects all over the world, and at the same time are a reliable resource for our international customers when they carry out projects in Europe and Scandinavia.

We often work together for many years, as with BillerudKorsnäs, SAAB and Hansen. No matter what you need, want or dream about, you are warmly welcome to make
contact with us.

Hybrid event

Physical, digital or hybrid event?

It has always been difficult to define exactly what an event is. Historically, events have usually been synonymous with physical meetings, conferences and congresses. But now we talk as often about events as digital, or as hybrids. While the latter can have a significant impact, without the right people to guide you, the pitfalls are many.

We guide you and your project with a safe hand; from your idea, needs and goals – all the way up to the stage, into one of our streaming studios, or in a hybrid environment where both the physical and digital participants meet.

Physical event where a lot of people look at person on stage

Concepts, design and technical solutions

In order to meet the high technical requirements of an event, we own all our equipment. The equipment is stored in our 4000 m2 central warehouse and it is handled by our experienced technicians. In this way, we can guarantee safe and secure delivery.

But in our projects we don't talk much about equipment. We'd rather focus on what you want to achieve with your event and how it should feel and be experienced. It starts with an idea and a clear goal.

If you don't have your own concept, we'll help you develop it. Based on the concept, we can then create a design. And based on this, we build a physical, technical and/or digital experience.

What our customers say

"What has struck me most is how flexible, fast and cooperative Adapt's people are - even when we come up with a lot of urgent assignments and changes."

Ludvig Daver, Deputy Commissioner General, EXPO2020

"Pimm and Adapt have discovered common ground in curiosity and innovation. This drives our projects forward and gives our customers new opportunities."

– Kristine W Lium, Concept & Creative Head, Pimm Agency

"Adapt puts us as a customer in focus. They adapt and develop all the time to give us new opportunities and meet our changing needs."

– Carl-Marcus Löfgren, Alliance Manager, Iver

"Adapt has become our main supplier and standard when we need help with critical AV solutions in our projects"

– Patrick Mollbrink, Brand Experience Manager, SAAB

You are welcome to contact me for more information about the content on this page

Account Manager Event

Viking Grandin

You are welcome to contact me for more information about the content on this page

Account Manager Event

Marie Levison