LED screen for TV and film when Polestar recorded Super Bowl commercial

Adapt supplied LED screens for TV and film when car manufacturer Polestar filmed a commercial for its US launch. We used the LED screens as lighting to create stylish and visual special effects in the car's paintwork. The commercial aired during the Super Bowl, one of the biggest TV events in the US with over 99 million viewers.

When the Swedish car manufacturer Polestar  wanted to launch one of their models on the US market, they shot a commercial with visual special effects. It was a big investment because the commercial would be broadcast at the same time as Super Bowl. It is the final game of the National Football League (NFL) and is one of the biggest television events of the year in the United States.

Digital lighting for visual effects

For help creating great lighting effects in the film, their production company turned to BRF (B-Reel Films) and to us at Adapt. On their behalf, we designed a technical solution to illuminate the car and create visible light effects in the form of movements and circles in the car's paintwork. Using digital lighting, the right camera angles, close-ups and, of course, a shiny paint job, visual effects were created that were out of the ordinary.

LED screens delivered the special effects

To achieve the desired special effects, we used beMatrix LEDskin high-resolution LED screens for lighting. Using two large LED screens, we illuminated the car. One of the screens, measuring 20×4.5 metres, was placed behind the car. The other was 8×10 metres and was mounted on the roof above the car. With the LED screens we created a natural light that could produce the desired special effects directly in the cameras without post-processing; movements, circles and reflections. During the shoot itself, the light could be easily adjusted and changed at the touch of a button. This made both on-set recording and post production quick and efficient.

Installed technical conditions

Adapt was responsible for delivering an overall technical solution to the project. This included the planning of equipment and rigging, drawing documentation and the installation and operation of the technology during filming.

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LED screen for TV and film when Polestar recorded Super Bowl commercial


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