Wellspect conducts its fourth webinar live in our new studio in Gothenburg

Wellspect HealthCare has just held its fourth ACCT webinar, this time focusing on multiple sclerosis. We produced the broadcast in collaboration with the Swedish Exhibition Centre Gothia Towers in our newly built studio in Gothenburg.

Wellspect Healthcare has held its fourth digital seminar to share its knowledge on incontinence. The company works to develop aids and medicines for those affected by this type of problem. The broadcast took place in our newly built Gothia Studio in Gothenburg and the theme of the day was multiple sclerosis (MS), a subject that affects many people.

Webinar with participants in studio
In Gothia Studio everyone can participate, participants can participate both physically in the studio and digitally via link.

Studio with the right conditions

In our studio there are three different positions to work with, including two presentation areas where you can stand and speak into the camera or conduct interviews. The third position consists of a group of armchairs with a side table, perfect for Q&A sessions and conversations like a classic talk show.

Studio staff on webinar
The webinar was attended by a chorus producer who made sure that everything in the studio worked well and went according to plan.

An hour filled with useful information

We streamed Wellpects webinar to their own website. Viewers could watch the broadcast directly on the website and also had the opportunity to ask questions to the studio via a form. The broadcast lasted for an hour and consisted of exciting lectures and interesting conversations. In order to move smoothly between the three positions in the studio, we used a three-camera solution. We had two camera operators and a robotic camera which we controlled from the control room. When the invited experts gave their presentations, we showed a so-called two-split. This means that the speaker was visible in a box on the left side and the presentation was visible in a box on the right side of the screen. Whether the speaker attended in the studio or via link, we did the same. This helped to get the message across in a clear way while making it easy for viewers to follow the broadcast.

Participants in the webinar
The room has armchairs where participants could sit down, have conversations and answer viewers' questions.

Interactive webinar with Q&A session

In addition to lectures, part of the broadcast consisted of a Q&A session filmed at the third position in the studio. There, the moderator could sit down with the experts and have a relaxed conversation. In order to keep the discussion relevant and of high quality, a representative from Wellspect selected questions and topics for the studio to address. By rigging a computer in the foyer of the studio, the representative was able to sift through the questions that came in from viewers. The questions were then displayed on an external computer screen placed in front of the moderator inside the studio. While the experts were answering the question, the moderator could read up on the next topic. This created a sense of security for the moderator and a good flow in the question time.

Live streaming from studio
In the editing room, our studio technicians were monitoring the webinar broadcast.

Always a pleasure, the new studio is just fantastic!

As the title suggests, Wellspect was very pleased with our staff, studio and the final result. A successful day from start to finish, no stress and a great feeling permeated the whole day.

This is our fourth broadcast with Wellspect Healthcare and we couldn't have wished for a more pleasant collaboration. Thank you for this time and welcome back!

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Filip Möllergren

Wellspect conducts its fourth webinar live in our new studio in Gothenburg