Even more new faces in Adapt!

In late summer, Adapt tell us about 11 new employees. Now that the leaves have begun to fall, it's time for seven more. With a total of 18 new faces after the summer, it is no exaggeration to say that the growth of us at Adapt is strong.

The volume of assignments is increasing, customers are asking for more services and our various collaborations are really starting to bear fruit, says Victor Lagersten, at Adapt Events and Expo. We are not growing numerically, we are also broadening our skills. Heal Adapt is in a very good place right now.

But it doesn't seem to end. Already looking Adapt after new reinforcements such as project managers, technical designers and technical staff. Both for permanent employment and on a freelance basis.

The seven new Adapt is, from left to right:

Julia Engström, project manager at Adapt project management, comes most recently from the design and interior design company Vicco. David Nerell, imaging technician who was previously a university intern at Adapt. Jessica Roos is studio manager at Studio Adapt and comes most recently from freelance activities. Magnus Ekelund, technical project manager sound coming from Debaser.. Johan Weinl is a technical project manager and most recently worked as a project manager and systems engineer at Vizrt Group, Chris Ntaskas, technical project manager from Creo Media Group and Renan Costa, studio host at Studio Adapt who most recently worked as a consultant in the restaurant industry.


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