5. Event Agency

About the mission that broke new ground and when Adapt saw the light of day.

The fifth dream – the breakthroughs.

Now there was only one way: forwards and upwards. Towards larger assignments, larger customers, higher compensation – to learn even more and to grow. It was something that was created by their own power but also through their collaborations, for example with JP Disco. They worked more and more professionally, the economy looked better and soon more than SEK 1 million was traded for the first time, which felt completely unreal.

In 2006, the first person could be employed and over the next three years there were more employees in sound and light. They soon broke through the $4 million limit and began to approach five. DaFreak was getting real, someone to count on, something to even make a living from.

In 2008, the company rented a stand at Eventdagarna in Gothenburg. A rather dubious and messy event but which turned out to be a successful venture into the company's life. They got in touch with an event agency and were chosen to deliver the technology to a large conference for OKQ8. It was a two-day meeting for nearly 600 participants held at Billingehus in Skövde.

It was a bit like stepping into a new world, into professionally produced meetings and events. Light and sound were of course home ground, but now the picture also came into the project in a completely new way. It wasn't as damn obvious, then. Plus there was producer, script, dialogue technique with separate editorial, moderator, choir schedules in the second and there would be safety rules and stage technology that you'd never heard of. But also, requirements for calculations and budget and accuracy in the delivery and above all – you were properly paid. And the working hours, they were much better.

Participants at the conference listen to live music.
In 2009, DaFreak entered a new world, the event industry, when an event company commissioned it to deliver the technology to OKQ8's conference at Billingehus in Skövde. It was the start of a whole new direction.

It was delivered and survived, it was a huge effort and excitement but in the end it was a real success. And it was the start of a new direction for DaFreak with assignments for customers such as Volvo, the Swedish Employers' Agency and Husqvarna. Brands you've never been near before.

And then came the comment from a project manager at an event agency; "it is difficult to introduce a partner to us, who will work with Volvo, called DaFreak". Viking and Jonathan discussed. The issue was sensitive, DaFreak had been around for decades and had a good reputation. The new world of meetings and events was new and so far uncertain. Would you go to them or stand by your name?

The redemption came with Peter Hansson at JP Disco. He had thought about a name that he liked but could not use. A name that alluded to flexibility, fitting and agility: the name was Adapt. He mentioned it to Viking and Jonathan, who liked the name sharply. And after buying out the domain and getting the name through with the Swedish Companies Registration Office, the matter was clear; DaFreak became part of the story and Adapt saw the light of day.