Our way of working

Our ambition is to run a smooth and efficient project process that lands in good implementation and results. Therefore, we use a simple work process. It works the same way whether it's an event, an exposure, a live gig, or an installation. Adapt's working methods and process include five steps; from start to follow-up. Sometimes the process is quick, sometimes it takes longer, depending on the customer's needs and the size of the assignment. Our ambition is always to work as closely with our client as possible. It's usually for the best.

1. Start

Our goal is to realize our customers' ideas and match what they need. An idea is conveyed in different ways; sometimes it is a formal brief, sometimes a call over the phone and sometimes a sketch of a napkin. No matter what, we talk together and agree on important things such as the project process, budget, what feeling and experience should characterize the implementation and what the end result will be. A good and careful start is often the prerequisite for a successful project.

2. Solution

Based on the information, we are working on an audiovisual solution. In order to visualize it, we use 3D drawings that show how the finished result will be. It makes it easier for everyone in a project to get a clear and clear picture of what the implementation and experience should be. Drawings and sketches come together with a project description and detailed quote that makes it easy to understand both solution and costs.

3. Process

Once the project is confirmed, we start the project process where we work with clear work routines and project tools that everyone in our project team uses. This ensures that we work efficiently, safely and at the same time flexibly. Our projects always include at least two people in a leading position; account manager, project manager and/or production manager. All work carried out is documented on an ongoing basis. During the project process, we develop technical drawings, visit the site and/or the premises for implementation and have dialogue with the facility. We book and brief staff, ensure the project budget and take care of logistics.

4. Implementation

Implementation is the highlight of our and the customer's preparatory work. This is the time; This is where we go live. In connection with the implementation, we ensure that the equipment is delivered at the right time to the right place and that everything is built up to correspond to our 3D drawings. Our project and production managers are on site and lead the work while our technicians carry out the run and ensure that everything runs smoothly. After completion, we dismantle technical equipment, scenes and décor and we drive the equipment home to our warehouse.

5. Follow-up

After the event ends, we do a follow-up together. There we go through how the project met our expectations. We learn from any mistakes so that we can work even better together next time. Factors we are talking about are preparation, operation, collaboration, efficiency, delivery and economy.

Do you have any questions about Adapt's way of working? Then you are warmly welcome to contact us.