The first lines to the story of Adapt written already in 2018. Since then, a lot has happened and in January 2021 it was decided to update and supplement it. Not least because 2020 could finally be added to the file, but also because it was time. Without claiming to be an accurate chronological description of Adapt's journey, this story is something of a time document.

For an outsider, "From Bengtsfors to Google" can seem to be about two entrepreneurs and their journey. And that is true, especially if you look at the first ten fifteen years. But then it becomes more and more of a team effort. The change is not about the weakening of the entrepreneurial innovative spirit, but about the fact that it is being worn and shared by more and more people in the company. 2020 is perhaps the brightest example of that. To make and cope with such a huge transition as it has been about, after all, is nothing short of magnificent and fantastic. Although Viking and Jonathan have had to take the lead in a lot, the transition is above all a testament to admirable teamwork.

From Bengtsfors to Google.
Magical view of Lake Lelång seen from Bengtsfors. A lot has happened since Adapt started his trip in Dalsland in 1999. Photo: Peter Magnusson

What happens now, when 2021 has just begun, is written in the stars. Never before in the company's 25-year history has it been so hard to predict what is to come. Large parts of the meeting industry are in ruins, while we can see a faint light of hope in the future. But no matter how the coming year unfolds, we know one thing: Adapt's future is hidden in those dreams that haven't been dreamed yet. Dreams that will open new doors and lead into new paths. It's about the next unwritten dream, the 11th, and then the next. And the next one. And the next...

It is said that the future belongs to those who dare to dream, those who dare to think again and new. Maybe especially when times are tough. But Viking and Jonathan would surely have said, regardless of the location, with a slight smile on their faces: "We don't call it a dream. We call it a plan."

Authored by Jörgen Svedberg.