3. Marathon disco

About charming the police and a groundbreaking Marathon disco.

The third dream – a little more, a little bigger.

With a company, a name and a reputation for being really good at arranging discos and parties, more and other doors opened. It was to go out and work in folk parks, you got a stage at local restaurants and a more permanent collaboration started with Hotell Dalia in Bengtsfors.

Elizabeth was increasingly involved in the books. But there was still a lot out of hand in mouth; the money that came in went mostly to buy equipment equipment. It was studied and extra work on every other. Also.

In the late 1990s Viking became part of the Youth Council in Bengtsfors. That led to an idea to do something completely different. Something much bigger, never done before and demanding more of everything and everyone. And what was the idea then? Yes – a Marathon Disco!

In its day, in little Bengtsfors, the idea was completely revolutionary: "we will draw over a thousand participants to Bengtsgården, we will have famous guest artists, it should be completely drug-free and we will be open until the clock... four!" For people in Bengtsfors, it was not 4:00. It was the middle of the night! And although it was perceived as super cool, not many in the Youth Council thought they would be able to get permission.

After charming the local police, postering half of Dalsland and fixing a floor from Mellerud, it became Marathon disco until four in the morning in Bengtsfors sports hall.

I think only Viking and Jonathan believed and dared to dream. But those who doubted had not realized that they were dealing with a particular Viking Grandin. The super salesman. After charming the local police, he managed, against every conceivable odds, to get that permit. So it was to poster half of Dalsland. And then fixed a floor that would last for so many people. Among other things. And after a lot of toil and tow, it finally turned out as hoped. (Fun fact: the floor was given to them by Korsnäs, who in the form of Billerud Korsnäs is one of Adapt's customers today!)

Over a thousand guests came in buses from near and far, celebrities from that year's Robinson competition were in place and it was an absolutely amazing evening. A magical night. There and then something happened, with both Viking and Jonathan and with what was to become Adapt. There and then, as the lights played and swept over the rocking, dancing, bouncing, happy seemingly endless thousand-headed human sea – the feeling came that now, now the size rib was cracked. Now suddenly nothing felt too difficult. Nothing too big. It felt like the whole world was open. Yet, even there and then and not even the time immediately afterwards, it was a given that this would be the career choice going forward. Even then, there was no question of running the whole thing with any ambition other than desire and drive and passion – and an enormous amount of work.