Quality policy

Adapt cares about the quality of the ideas, products, solutions, deliveries and services we offer our customers. We see a high and consistent level of quality as a fundamental component of the value our customers receive from Adapt.
Our quality work and quality policy are based on two perspectives:

  1. Internal quality – which is built and supported by our processes, our structural materials, our competence mix, code of conduct/policies and regulations, and that we have a culture characterized by Drive, Performance and Experiences – a continuous drive towards improvement and development.
  2. External quality – which means the projects we carry out for our customers. We will always deliver a perfect product and high value for our clients.

Our quality work should be in harmony with ISO 9001 by:

  • that work on a described work process.
  • that we work with internal agreed procedures.
  • storage and archiving of internal and external information and project history.
  • planning measurement and follow-up of changes and improvements.
  • that actively seek and correct errors and shortcomings in the organization and in our way of working.
  • one planned and goal-driven quality and development process as well as risk management methods.
  • that consistently evaluate and revise our quality work in the management team and in our team.

Adapt's management in the various companies is responsible for setting goals and take measures to constantly improve quality, internal working environment and customer satisfaction.

Everyone Adapt employees shall participate and contribute to continuous improvement of our internal and external quality in the form of, for example, dialogue meetings, proactive and reactive idea work, project follow-up and analysis, and by receive training.

It is the responsibility of each company manager to ensure and quality assure the work. The Company's Board of Directors has a special responsibility to ensure that the quality policy that exists is well managed and developed.