Premiere of the new beMatrix LEDskin 1.5mm

At the ISE fair in Barcelona, beMatrix premiered its new 1.5mm LEDskin. With this new LED screen, you get a smooth and fine image from a viewing distance of around 1.5 metres. This means that in most cases the 1.5mm LEDskin can now replace a regular monitor.

So what is the advantage of LEDskin? The screen has the same dimensions as the beMatrix frame system and can therefore be built into beMatrix structures without the need for special adaptations. This makes it easy to build a screen into a wall structure, for example.

Unlike a regular monitor, the LEDskin can be built in any size and format, offering endless creative possibilities. It also works in full daylight and has no reflections.

At Adapt we already have more than 300m2 of LEDskin 2.5mm and 3.1mm in our rental stock - ready for rental to your project! Now we look forward to introducing the new 1.5mm version soon!

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