Premiere of NAOM, an immersive and interactive museum with 360 degrees projection

June saw the the premiere of a project that we have worked intensively on for the past six months: the 3000m2 immersive and interactive museum NAOM in Stockholm. Adapt's mission has been, and continues to be, to design and install sound, light and image technology as well as playback and overall control of all equipment.

Not An Ordinary Museum consists of a large digital installation with 37 projectors that project in 360 degrees + floor. The opening exhibition is produced by Artechouse and has been shown in New York and elsewhere.

In addition to the digital exhibition, the museum includes an exhibition by artist Hanna Ljungh and a large installation exhibition by Karolina Henke. In addition, there are three smaller rooms that initially house two digital installations and a robot. NAOM will continuously show 12-20 exhibitions per year.

With NAOM now open to the public, we definitely recommend a visit!

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