Transparent displays, interactivity and high-resolution LED screens are this year's news at ISE

In early February, we visited the ISE exhibition in Barcelona to be inspired by the latest in imaging, interaction and control systems. In this video, you can see a selection of our ISE 2023 highlights.

This year's technology innovations revolved around small and large transparent screens and various types of sensors that can detect presence and distance, hand movements, colours, objects and more. In combination with control systems and audiovisual equipment, transparent screens and sensors create effective environments that invite interaction. It's ideal for interactive installations, experience centres and exhibition stands.

High-resolution LED displays that can be built in a variety of configurations were, as before, a recurring theme. New this year is that LED screens are also increasingly being used as backdrops in studio productions. When the screens are filmed with a camera, the image on them is perceived as lifelike with a natural light - while the digital environments can be changed at the touch of a button. This equipment we at Adapt have used in our
studios for many years.

Want to know more about something you see in the film? Let us know and we'll tell you how you can use it in your own productions.

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